Update Analysis

Newly released software is compared to version currently running at customer site to identify the changes resulting from the update.  Changes to software, database, and data contents, resulting from the update are identified and analyzed using the software update documentation, design specifications for new software, site specific information about customer (ie what version they are running, how they use the application, which features are enabled, site specific security settings, etc.).

      Major Changes (application and database updates) are installed on a test system at the customer site for acceptance testing prior to install on production system.  Major changes include significant interface changes in the application (different behavior in standard processes), and major database updates.

      Minor changes that have been tested and released are installed on a regular and ongoing basis to address bugs, or to keep site current and avoid a large number of changes when software is updated.  The StreamV update document will indicate when an update requires training or other preparation or followup by the customers staff.