Vendor Management Features

•      New Record Defaults – Default information can be automatically loaded into each new vendor you create to reduce data entry.

•      Field Level Security – Specific fields in each vendor record can be restricted (blocked) so that only authorized users have access to critical information.  The field level security and the new record default information options can be combined in order to allow new vendors to be created in a controlled manner based on company policy.

•      User definable fields – Several fields in each Vendor record can be defined by the user, and used to store company specific information. 

•      Optional validation – Generic Code tables can be set up in order to control and validate the information that can be loaded into specific fields in the Vendor record.  In some cases, these tables are required by the system and in other cases tables can be set up for optional user-defined fields.  Multiple validation methods are supported (force entry from table, force entry from table and allow blanks, force entry to field but don’t validate using a table) to handle various requirements.

•      Vendor Contact Support.  An unlimited number of vendor contact records (contacts are the individuals working for a vendor company) can be created and associated with a specific vendor record.  Each Vendor Contact record allows you to store a large amount of detailed information about the individual working at the vendor company.

•      Integrated Imaging and Email Support – Images can be associated with both vendors and vendor contact records, and the system automatically tracks the documents (invoices, emails, word docs) that you send to each vendor contact out of the system.

•      Field Help System – The Integrated Field Help system or Data Dictionary allows you to access definitions for all of the files and fields in each Vendor or Vendor Contact record (as well as all other fields in the  StreamV Database)


Vendor Management Overview