Vendor Management Overview

The Vendor Management (VM) System allows you to create and maintain the records for the vendor companies and the individuals at each vendor company that you do business with.  Vendor records are created and maintained in the Vendor Master File and these Vendor records are used in several different places in the StreamV Application. 

The Vendor records you create in the Vendor Management System are used during Accounts Payable Processing, when assigning a default vendor to an item in the Product Management and the Warehouse Management Systems, and when purchasing product using the Purchasing System.

The Vendor Management programs allow you quickly access current and historical information about each vendor in your system.  Summary or status information (such as the open accounts payable invoice and purchase order totals for the vendor), and transaction details (such as the individual transactions that have been processed for the vendor) can be accessed quickly and efficiently from inside the Vendor Management System.

The Vendor Management System also allows you to create and maintain Vendor Contact records.  Vendor Contact records are records that are used to record information about the individuals that you do business with at each Vendor company.  An unlimited number of individuals or contacts can be created for each vendor, and each Vendor Contact record contains a large number of fields that can be used to store comprehensive information about each individual contact.


Vendor Creation and Maintenance

Vendor Contact Creation and Maintenance

Vendor Price Protection