Verify Required Table and Master Data is present

The Purchasing Systems uses Table data (such as Payment Terms, Shipping Methods, Country Codes, States), and other Master Data (Vendors, Items, Shipto Addresses, Contacts) during purchase order creation and processing.

The Table and Master data used by the Purchasing System should generally be loaded before you attempt to configure the Purchasing system or process any purchasing transactions.  In some cases, tables will be modified after system setup and implementation, but the startup table data should be present and correct prior to implementing the PO System.

 The following checklist describes the tables and other data files that should be loaded  prior to installing or configuring the Purchasing System.   

Table Files

      Division and Department Tables

      Operator Table

      Payment Terms Table

      Shipvia (Shipping Methods) Table

      Viaterms (Shipping Terms Table)

      Product Line Table

      Product Group Table

Master Data

      Vendor Records

      Catalog and Inventory Records

      General Ledger


Set Purchasing System Policies