Verify StreamV Base Installation

The programs, data files, and other required components for the Purchasing System are included in the main StreamV Application, and they will be installed when StreamV is installed.

The StreamV Installation routines will normally create a Demo and a Live version of the database. 

The Demo version of the database is a fully configured and working version of the system with demonstration data loaded into it.  The Demo data can be used for training and for testing purposes and it contains sample data that can be used to demonstrate various purchasing system options, or provide samples of specific types of purchasing data.

The Live version of the database is also pre-configured.  The Live data files are delivered with a minimal amount of data that is used to speed up system setup, and allow you to begin processing transactions on the system.  Most of the data delivered with the system is required parent data (operators, terms, divisions, product lines, etc), or required Master data .  This data is normally reviewed and modified as required so that your own data/information can be added to the system


Verify Required Table and Master Data is present