View BOM Comment

The View BOM (Bill of Materials) Comment Option can be accessed from the More Menu or the Context Menu.  The View BOM Comment option allows you view, edit, or create a Bill of Materials comment for the selected Bill of Materials Header record.   BOM comments are notes that are maintained at the Bill of Materials Level and that are specific to a BOM (a pre-defined method for building a specific item number).  Bill of Materials comments are supported for both the top level and component items in each Bill of Materials.  The Comments for a specific Bill of Materials are available from any shop order header or line item that was created using the BOM.

Note:  The Shop Floor System allows you to access the Inventory, Bill of Materials or Shop Order Comments for a given component or top level item from inside the Bill of Materials and the Shop Order Entry program and it also automatically prints these comments on the shop order documents produced by the system.

Please also Note:  Your ability to view, edit or create certain types of comment records can be restricted based on system security and parameter settings


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