View BOM Comment

The View BOM or Bill of Material Comment option allows you to view any text notes or comments that have been entered for the bill of materials line used to create the selected shop order line item.

Bill of Materials Comments are comments or notes that are associated with a specific bill of materials header or bill of materials line item record.  Since multiple bills of materials can be created for a single top level item, the bill of materials comments are tied to the unique BOM# and BOMLINE# that is assigned to each bill of materials header and line item record.  This allows different BOM notes to be maintained for each BOM revision for a specific item number.

BOM Comments are comments that apply to a component or a top level item when the component or item is being used or built with a specific bill of materials.  If the text information applies to the item regardless of which BOM is being used, the comment should be entered as an Inventory Manufacturing Comment.

BOM comments can be created, maintained and accessed from the Bill of Materials and the Shop Order programs and they are automatically output by the print routines in the shop order system when present.


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