Viewing Account Activity

The Account Inquiry View allows you to display the general ledger activity in a specific account for an entire year by period.  The program also allows you to “drill down” into the detailed postings to the account in the selected year, division and department.  The program can be used to display the detail and activity for one or more periods and to identify the specific journal entries making up each change to the account balance.  To view the activity in a specific account, you should perform the following steps.

1.  Select the Account Inquiry View  from the General Ledger Pull-down menu.

2.  Accept or change the displayed year, division and department shown in the bottom section of the program.  The program will default these fields based on the current operator, but the default values can be changed as required to view account activity in other years, divisions and departments.

3.  Locate the account for which you would like to view activity.  You may sort the Accounts listed in the Account Inquiry program using any of the options that are shown when you click the right mouse button.  You may also search for a specific account based on the sort selection in use.  For example, if the program is sorting using the account number and you type 150 in the program, a search prompt will be displayed, the 150 will be loaded into the prompt, and the system will find the account number closest to this value when you press the Enter key or OK button

4.  Once you have located and highlighted the correct general ledger account, you may use the EXPAND key (or the EXPAND option available using the right mouse button) to display the Period Activity for the account.  The period activity shows the total debit and credit activity in each period in the specified year, division and department and a running total for the account.

5.  If you would like to view more detailed information about the postings for a specific period and account, you may press the EXPAND key (or use ther right mouse option) to display the journal entries that were posted to the account in the selected period.  The Journal Entries for period displays only the portion of each journal entry that hit the selected account.

6.  To see more detailed information about a specific journal entry line you may press the ZOOM key (or use the right mouse option) to display the  

7.  Select the Account Lookup program from the menu, enter the accounting year to be viewed, select the account number or description of the account to be viewed and press the FIND key.  Once the selected account activity totals are displayed, the operator may view detail for each period by selecting the period to be viewed and pressing the ENTER key.  Additional detail for each posting to the account may be accessed by pressing the ENTER key on a specific entry. 


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