Views and Dialogs

A large number of the programs in StreamV are written as either Views or Dialogs. 

Views:  A View is a program that can be selected from a Menu and that can be executed independently of other programs.  You can normally select or switch between views when you have more than one view open in the application or Main Desktop.  Views support Panel Security at the User, Group or Branch Level.  Views in the system include the Customer Management program, the Order Entry program and the Customer Manager programs.  A View can be used to create both form based programs like managers, and list based programs such as lookup or inquiry programs.  Views often activate Dialog programs.

Dialogs:  A dialog is a program that takes the focus of the application and does not release it until the program is closed.  Examples of dialogs are detail panels, such as the Sales Order Header Detail Panel, and some list based programs, such as the Invoice Lines Lookup, and many of the selection lists used in the system.  Many dialogs in the system are called from View based programs, and when a dialog is open in the current view, the user cannot switch out of the current view.

Your ability to switch between programs or applications on your Desktop is based on the type of application being used. If you are in a view or top level program such as the AR Invoice Lookup, or the Customer Management program, you can switch between that view and another view that is open on the Desktop.  You can also select another program from the Pull Down Menu when a View is active.

If you are in a dialog such as a detail panel or a line item lookup or entry program, you may not be able to switch to another open windows and must close the current dialog or lookup before switching to a different window.  You also may not select a program from the Pull Down menu when a Dialog is active (the menu options are grayed out automatically).