StreamV Components

This section describes the most common components or building blocks that are used throughout the StreamV System.

The StreamV Application is normally called or activated from your windows desktop using an Icon.  The Icon starts up the correct StreamV Executable, and it opens the database files if they are not already open.

The Workspace Selection Object and the Login View are the first objects you will see when you are running the StreamV Application..

The Workspace selection Object allows you to choose the database or company you are working with.  This object may or may not be displayed to you  - depending on how your system is installed and whether you have more than one workspace. 

The Login View is used to verify your operator credentials and to assign the default operator information for the current session.  When you see the Login View displayed, you should log in using the operator ID and Password that has been created for you by your system administrator (or supplied with the Cove demonstration data. 

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the Main Workspace (the main desktop for the StreamV application) and a Startup View.  The Startup View is an object that displays system information and a welcome or login message to your users.

Once you have logged in to the system, you can use the pull down menus to access the applications and programs that you have rights to use.  If you have rights to a program, the menu option will show as available.  If you do not have rights to a menu or program you will see the menu option for the program or menu shaded out.

As you select programs from the pull down menu system, you will be activating various objects which are described in the sections below.


Workspace Selection Object

Operator Login

Main Workspace

Startup View

Pull Down Menus

Standard Toolbar

Print Options Object

Email Object

Views and Dialogs


Management Programs

Lookup Programs

Detail Panels

Selection Lists

Prompt Buttons

Radio Buttons

Check Box

Selection Box