Warehouse Replenishment

Warehouse replenishment also referred to as Inventory Replenishment, is used to re-order the product that is normally stocked in your warehouse locations.

Warehouse replenishment is used to

      Re-order items that are shipped to your customers from your warehouses.

      Ensure that the correct quantity of product is ordered from your vendors, in a timely manner, based on current and future sales orders for the items.

      Order the quantity of products needed to meet defined minimum stocking levels for each item you carry in inventory based on the reorder point and economic order quantity specified in each item.

      Purcahse items that are needed for Kitting and Shop Floor Processing purposes (ensure that the required components are available for the items you build in-house).

      Purchase Items that may be needed only on a seasonal basis based on historical demand.

Warehouse Replenishment is the default method of purchasing in StreamV.  Customers, Inventory Items, and the Sales Order Entry and Purchasing Systems will normally default to this method (please see the Order Processing Flags and Purchasing Methods section of this document for more information).

When Warehouse Replenishment is used, purchase orders are created (manually or from po requisitions)  for the total quantity for each item that is needed to fill current open sales and shop orders for each item, and to meet the defined minimum stocking quantity for the item.

Warehouse replenishment is fully supported for stocking items only..  Nonstock items are purchased manually (the system does not suggest that you purchase an item identified as a non-stock item).  Nonstock items are not included on the PO Recommendation report. 


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