Zoom AR Check Detail Panel

When a valid payment transaction is selected in the AR Invoice Activity Lookup and the Zoom option is selected, the system activates the AR Check Detail panel and it loads the panel with the selected record.

The AR Check Detail Panel allows you to view the details for the selected AR Check and it also allows you to.

      View or edit any existing image records or comments that have been created for the check.

      Associate a new image record or comment with the check record.

      Access the Cove Field Help system.  The AR Check Detail panel contains the Cove Standard Toolbar.  The Standard Toolbar contains a Help Button that can be used to display the Cove Field Help System.  The Field Help System can be used to display the database definition for each of the fields that are displayed in the AR Check Detail Panel.

Please Note:  The AR Check Detail Panel is completely described in another section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help key to display the primary help documentation for the program


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