Active vs. Standby Rebates

A rebate record can be set up as an Active or as a Standby rebate.

      Active rebate records are automatically used by the system when the order line in question qualifies for the rebate (based on the item, quantity, rebate beginning and end dates, and customer being processed.).

      Standby rebates are not automatically used by the system but are shown to the user as “available” when the sales order line item being processed qualifies for the rebate.  Standby rebates are typically used in situations where the rebate is only sometimes available such as when the rebate availability depends on the company that the item is being shipped to rather than the company being sold to.  For example:  You may sell an item to a dealer who sometimes has you ship it to normal end users and sometimes has you ship it to an educational institution    If the rebate is only available when the item is sold to an educational institution, a standby rebate record could be created for the dealer to handle this situation. 

In general, Standby rebates must be selected during order processing based on organic intelligence (the user decides whether or not taking the rebate is appropriate based on the circumstances).  There are options that allow you to have the system automatically convert a standby rebate to active during processing and this option can be used to automatically take a standby rebate for a particular customer during EDI order processing.