Add Invoice Button

When the Add Invoice Button is selected in the Returns Entry/Edit program, the system activates one of two programs based on the status of the RA being processed.

      If you are creating a new RA and have not yet specified the customer and invoice for the return, the system activates the Invoices Lookup Program.  The Invoices Lookup program displays all of the accounts receivable invoices that have been processed on your system and it allows you to search for and select the invoice for the return using any of the several display and search sequences that are available in the program.  The Invoices Lookup also allows you to view detailed information about each invoice header and line item in the system, including the related serial number detail.  Once the Invoices Lookup program is displayed, you may view the invoices displayed in the program and select the invoice for the RA using the Select Button that is displayed in the Lookup.

      If you have already specified an invoice for the current RA and the customer for the RA has been loaded, the system activates the Customer Invoice Lookup program and it loads the program with the AR invoice detail for the customer specified in the RA.  This option allows you to add line items from another invoice to the return that is being processed.


Add Item Button