Add Item Button

The Add Item Button is used to add a new RA line to the current return authorization by selecting a Catalog Item Number.  The Add Item  option is only available when the Company for the current RA has been selected (this can be done by selecting an invoice using the Add Invoice Button, or by selecting a customer for the RA using the Prompt Button that is located next to the Company window).

The Add Item Button allows you to handle situations where the invoice for the sale of the item being returned is not in your system, or it cannot be determined.  This can be due to data conversion issues (history was not brought over for prior sales), due to entity issues (the item was originally sold to a different customer than the customer making the return), or for other reasons.

Note: The Add Item option for creating return authorizations provides substantially less validation and control than the Add Invoice option does (this is due to the fact that the Add Invoice option forces the operator to id the specific invoice the return is being made against and the original pricing and serial number information from the invoice is therefore available.


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