Additional Information Comments (#3000 - 3999)

The Additional Information Comments, comment numbers 3000 through 3999, are used to store additional structured information for static and transactional data.  Additional Information comments are used to store information when there is no room for the information to be stored in the document or data record. There are various different types of Additional Information Comments and they use the same source codes as the other comments in the system (see the list of comment source codes later in this document).  It is the combination of the source code and the comment number that defines whether the comment is an Additional Information comment or a standard comment.

Comment number 3000 is used for static data items (inventory items, etc...) and "header" type transactional items (Sales Order Headers, Purchase Order Headers, Invoice Headers). Comment numbers 3001 through 3999 are used with "line" type transactional items (Sales Order, Purchase Order and Invoice Lines).

The comment is structured in that it is divided into sections using section titles. The format of the comment follows. The format of the data in each section is specific to the section.

[Section title]

# Comment lines start with a pound sign (#) or semi-colon (;)


[Section title]





Drop Ship Pro-forma Billing Information -Allows for the structured entry of billing information for use when creating pro-forma invoices in drop-ship situations.


Vendor Ship Pro-forma Billing Information - Allows for the structured entry of billing information for use by the vendor when the vendor creates pro-forma invoices in vendor-ship situations.


Stored Instructions - Allows the attachment of multiple instructions and other information stored in the TextData file to be attached to a document.


Preferred Vendor Information - Allows order entry to pass information to downstream processes. This section is used by the program to create PO Requisitions at the end of order entry for specific vendors. Format follows: