Addresses Tab Page

The Addresses Tab Page displays the main address and the remit to address information for the selected vendor.  The main address is used by the system as the default address when issuing a purchase order or a check to the vendor.  The remit to address information is optional.  If the remit to address information for the vendor is loaded, the system uses the remit to information when issuing a check  (or “remitting payment”) to the vendor.  Note:  The system will not use the remit to address information unless the company field in the remit To Address is loaded.

Both the main and the remit to address are made up of several different fields.  Some of the fields, such as the 2 address lines and the remit to company name, are free form (the information you enter is not restricted or validated).  Other fields including the State and the Country fields are validated using tables or data files.  The information that can be entered into these table driven fields is restricted based on the information that has been entered into the appropriate table or data file.  The prompt option can be used in the table driven fields to display a list of the valid entries that can be selected from.

The Addresses Tab Page also includes two Map It buttons.  These buttons allow you to automatically obtain a map of the selected address from within the program.  When the Map It Button is pressed, the system passes the selected address to an Internet Site.  The Internet site then automatically produces a map showing the selected address and it displays this map in your web browser.

Please note that you can also use the Field Help option that is located on the Standard Tool Bar to display database help information about each of the fields shown in the program.


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