Top Section

The top section of the Vendor Detail Program displays some basic information about the vendor.  This information includes the vendor account number and the vendor company name.  Each Vendor must be assigned a Unique Account Number and Name in the Vendor Master file.

When the Vendor Manager is activated, the Vendor Account and Name windows will be blank, and the program will display the New Data Default information that has been defined for new vendors on your system.  The default information is information that is automatically loaded into new vendor records by the system.  This Vendor default information can be customized by your System Administrator.  Your ability to edit the fields that contain default information depends on your field level security settings .

If you wish to create a new vendor, you should enter the new vendor name, change or accept the default information that was loaded by the system, and enter any other required information for the vendor.  If you do not specifiy an account number when entering a new vendor, the system will automatically assign the next available account to the new vendor using a system counter when it is saved for the first time.   The Vendor Account and Name fields cannot be edited in the Vendor Manager program after the vendor record has been created

If you wish to load an existing vendor into the Vendor Manager program you may use the prompt button that is located in the Account Window to activate the Vendor Selection List and select the vendor to be loaded into the program.

The top section of the Vendor Manager program also displays an optional Alternate Account field, the Vendor Type field and the Vendor Status field.  The Type field is a user-definable field that can be used to classify each of your vendors.  The Vendor Type field is included as a selection on many of the accounts payable reports.  The Vendor Status field is used to control whether the vendor can be used during transaction processing.  Both the Type field and the Status field are table-driven and you can use the prompt option to display and select from the valid entries for each of these fields.

The top right section of the Vendor Manager program displays information about when the vendor record was created and last edited.  This information includes the date the record was created and last modified and the initials of the operator who created or last modified the record.  You may also use the Data Change History option to display a detailed list of the changes that have been made to each Vendor record since it was first created.


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