AP Invoices without JEs

The AP Invoices without JEs report produces a report of all of the accounts payable invoices in the systems that do not have a valid AP distribution entry associated with them.  These invoices are normally beginning balance invoices open invoices that were moved into StreamV at system startup and that were posted to the prior system.  The report will also include any other accounts payable invoices that do not have journal entries (due to a processing error or another reason).

Selection Options:  The AP Invoices without JEs report does not have any selection options other than the output selection.  The report runs through all accounts payable invoices in the system and outputs any invoice which does not have a valid journal entry loaded into the invoice record.

Print To:  This selection allows you to determine the output routing for the report.  The valid options include Preview (print the report to screen and preview it) and Printer

Output Format:


AP Tax Register