Buying Group Section

The second section of the Special Pricing manager is used to create and maintain Buying Group Special Price records.  Buying Group Special Price records are available only to companies that are a member of the specified buying group, and they are used when an order is entered for the customer, and the item, quantity, date range and optional contract# entered by the operator allow the customer to qualify for the special price.

The Prompt Button that is located to the right of the Group Window in the Buying Group section of the Special Pricing Manager can be used to select the Customer Buying Group for whom special price records should be displayed.  When you press the Prompt Button or use the Prompt key in the Group window, the system displays the Buying Group Selection List.  The Buying Group Selection List allows you to display and search for a specific customer buying group by name and to select the customer buying group that you wish to work with.  Once you have selected (highlighted) the desired customer buying group in the Buying Group Selection List, you can use the OK Button or double-click the record to return the selected Buying Group to the Special Pricing Manager program.

Please note: You must select a valid Customer Buying Group record prior to pressing the Buying Group Special Prices Button or the Buying Group Rebates Button.  If you press either of the buttons before selecting a valid buying group, the system will display an error message indicating that no Buying Group Master record is present.


Other Special Prices Section