Cancelling a Credit Request

An open Credit Request record can be cancelled or deleted.  The following procedure can be used to delete a Credit Request.

      Find the Credit Request using the Credit Request Lookup.  The Credit Request Lookup can be called from an Invoice, or from a Customer record, or you may view all Credit Requests using the All Credit Requests option on the More Menu in the AR Invoice Lookup program.

      Zoom into the Credit Request using the Zoom option.  This action activates the Credit Request Detail program.

      Use the Delete Button on the Standard Toolbar to delete the open Credit Request.

Note:  When you delete a Credit Request it is removed from the system and any Images, Comments or other information from the record is no longer available.  You may wish to add customer or invoice comments to the system to ensure that the resolution of the customer request is recorded in another part of the system and will be available if needed.