Converting a Credit Request to a Credit Memo

Once a Credit Request has been created, it is normally queued up for review by the accounting personnel.  All open Credit Requests can be viewed using the options that are available in the AR Invoice Lookup, Customer Manager, Customer Management and Direct Invoicing programs.

Once a Credit Request has been saved, Comment and Images information can be associated with it, and the Invoice Header and Line Items associated with the Credit Request can be viewed from the Credit Request.  The Credit Request can also be edited as required.

If a Credit Request is approved, or it is partially approved, it can be converted to a credit memo for the customer using the Direct Invoicing program.  The procedure to convert a Credit Request to a credit memo includes the following steps.

      Selecting the Direct Invoicing program from the Accounts Receivable Operations Menu.  The Direct Invoicing program allows you to invoice stock and non-stock items directly to a customer without a sales order.  It is used for non-inventory invoices like credit memos and for other purposes.

      Selecting the “View Credit Requests” option from the More Menu in the Direct Invoicing program.   This action activates the Credit Request Lookup.  The Lookup will display all open Credit Requests for the current customer if a customer is selected in the program, or all open Credit Requests for all customers if a customer is not selected in the Direct Invoicing program.

      Select the Credit Request to be loaded into the Direct Invoicing program.

      Add any additional Credit Requests for the same customer.  The user can select addional credit requests to load into the current credit memo as long as they are from the same customer.  Each credit request creates an invoice line with comment which contains the description of the credit carried over from the Credit Request.

      Verify or change the information in the Direct Invoice and Save it using the Save Key.  At this point a credit memo invoice is created for the customer and items being processed.

      When the users saves the Credit Memo the system closes the Credit Requests that were processed.