Changes Viewer

The Changes Viewer allows you to display the Data Change History for the currently selected database record (or for a specific field in the currently selected database record).  Data Change History is used to track the changes or edits that are made to the individual fields in a specific database record after the record has been created.

Data Change records are automatically created by the system when static data such as customers, vendors, catalog and inventory records are modified, and they are also created when certain types of transactional data (such as sales and purchase orders) are edited after creation.

Each Data Change record identifies the specific record and the specific field in the record that was modified.  A single edit to a database record can create one or more data change records (depending on the number of fields that were modified during editing).  Mutliple Data Change records can be created for a specific field in a specific record (to handle multiple edits to the same data record and the same field in the same data record).

Data Change records allow you to determine the date and time that a database record was changed, the operator who made the change, and the previous and new contents of the specific field in the record that was modified.

The Changes Viewer program is used to display the data change history for all of the database records in the StreamV System.  The Changes Viewer is called from all of the programs that support

The Changes Viewer can be called using two different methods.

      The Record Data Change History option (which is available from the More Menu Button in the Cove Standard Toolbar), allows you to view all of the changes records that have been created for the selected record.  When the Changes Viewer is called in this manner, it displays the changes that have been made to all fields in the record (regardless of which field you are on when the option is selected).

      The Data Change History Option (which is available from the Context or Right Mouse Menu), displays only the changes records for the specific field that is selected or highlighted when the Data Change History option is activated.


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