SYS Lookup Programs

This section describes the Lookup programs that are used throughout the StreamV Application.

The System Lookup Programs allow you to perform the following primary tasks or business processes.

      Viewing Database Change or Changes History.  The Changes viewer allows you to view the date and time on which a database field was edited, the operator who made the change, and the previous and new contents of the field.   

      Viewing the Database File and Field Definitions for the files and fields in the StreamV Database.  Most of the StreamV programs contain the Data Dictionary field help options (which are available from the More or the Context Menu).  These options allow you to display the database definitions (descriptions of the files and fields and how they are used) for the files and fields displayed in the program.  The Data Dictionary Field Help options also allow you to view the definitions for other files and fields in the StreamV database that may not be displayed (or accessible) in the program that the option is being called from.  The Data Dictionary supports both the Cove or standard data dictionary definitions for each field, and it also allows you to define your own definitions or “House Help” for the field.


Changes Viewer

Changes Detail Panel

Data Dictionary Field Help

Data Dictionary File Help

Fields List

Data Dictionary Lookup