Zoom – Changes Detail Panel

When a valid Data Change or Changes record is selected in the Changes Viewer program and the Zoom option is selected (using the Context or Right Mouse Menu), the system activates the Changes Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the selected Changes record.

The Changes Detail Panel is used to display a single data change or “Changes” record.  Data Change records are created by the system when existing database records are edited.  Data Change records are automatically created by the system when static data items such as customers, vendors or inventory items are edited after creation, and data change records are also created when certain types of transactional data (such as sales or purchase orders) are modified by an operator.

Data Change records allow you to determine the date and time that a database record was changed, the operator who made the change, and the previous and new contents of the specific field in the record that was modified.

The Data Change Detail Panel is described completely in a following section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the panel by activating it and using the Help key to display the main help documentation for the program.


Changes Detail Panel