Changing the Serial Flag after Item Setup

In some situations you may create Catalog and Inventory items and set the serial flag in the records to the incorrect value during item setup.

The StreamV application will allow limited editing of the serial field in the Catalog file based on the current and new setting of the serial flag, the value of the STK flag in the item, and based on the inventory transaction history that has been recorded for the item.

If serialized inventory transactions (or transactions that should be serialized) have been processed for an item, and the system blocks you from changing the flag as desired, you may need to use some more complicated procedures (that must be performed by the System Administrator using System Utility and other programs) to make the change.  These procedures are described in a later section of this document as they are not part of normal operations.

The logic used by the system when blocking or allowing changes to the serial flag in the Catalog file is detailed below


Changing the Serial Flag from N (Not serialized) to Y (Serialized)

Changing the Serial Flag from N (Not Serialized) to S (Sales Track Only)

Changing the Serial Flag from Y (Serialized) to N (Not Serialized)

Changing the Serial Flag from S (Sales Track Only) to N (Not Serialized).