Serialized Inventory Options

In the current revision of StreamV, Serialized Inventory items are identified when records are created for the items in the Product Catalog file.  As each new Product Catalog record is created, the Serial flag in the record can be used to identify if the item is serialized and how the serial numbers for the item are tracked by the system. 

The Serial field in each Catalog record can be set to one of three different values depending on how your system has been configured. 

The Serial field in each Catalog record should be set to the correct value when the item is first created.   Normally the value in the Serial flag for the item may not be modified after the item has been saved (there are exceptions which are described in a later section of this document see Changing the Serial Flag after Item Setup).

 The Serial field in the Inventory or Warehouse records for each item should be synchronized or normalized based on the Serial flag in the Catalog records for each item.  If a part is identified as serialized or serial sales track only in the Catalog file, the serial flag in the inventory records for the item should be set to the same value.  An item should be serialized or not and should use the same serialization logic in all warehouse locations in which the item is maintained.   The Inventory Normalization Logic default behavior is to synchronize the Serial flag in the Catalog record and in all Inventory records that are created for the Catalog record.

      Note: You may not identify an item as serialized unless the item is also a Stock or Tracking item (meaning the quantity of the item is tracked by the Inventory Control system).  You may not track the serial numbers for an item unless the quantity of the item is also tracked.  The Catalog Manager will not allow you to save a new record as serialized unless the Stock flag is set to Y.

      Note: You also may not process partial quantities when you are processing a serialized inventory item.  If the item is serialized, each transaction amount must be in whole quantities.  This rule is implemented in several programs in the system.  Other restrictions may also apply to serialized items based on the type of transaction being processed the program being used.  These restrictions are discussed in more detail where appropriate in later sections of this document.


Serialized Item - Serial = Y

Sales Track Only - Serial = S

Non-Serialized Item - Serial = N

Revisions prior to 278C

Changing the Serial Flag after Item Setup