Checks are printed on appropriate printer, but some checks are not legible (forms go off line in middle of print job).

1.  If the check forms jam or go off line during a check run, the operator should first take the printer off-line (DO NOT TURN THE PRINTER OFF) and try to realign the forms without canceling the print job.  If it proves impossible to realign the forms, the operator should press the ESC key to abort the check run.  The printer should then be put back on-line so that any checks that have been already output by the system  (sent to the printer and posted) are printed

2.  Run a check register to determine which check numbers have been posted by the system.

3.  Use the Void an AP Check program to remove the misprinted checks from the system.

4.  Rerun the checks that were misprinted.  This can be done by selecting the same pay date cut-off that was used for the first check run.  The system will print checks for only those invoices that were reopened with the Void an AP Check program.


The beginning check number in the series is entered incorrectly