Operator forgets to print to correct printer or checks are printed on plain paper instead of check stock. 

The AP invoices show as paid but the checks have not actually been printed upon.  In this case, the following steps must be performed.

1.  Load plain paper in the local printer or set the workstation to print to a network or system printer.  This will prevent reports from being printed on check forms.

2.  Run an AP Check Register and determine which checks were printed on the wrong forms.  Compare the physical (usable) check copies to the check register report and note the differences.

3.  Select the Void an AP Check program from the AP utilities menu and change or accept the default cash account that is displayed at the top of the screen.  The cash account selected should be the cash account that the checks were drawn on.  Find the first check number that was printed on plain paper.  Confirm that the vendor and the check amount displayed on the selection screen match the information that was printed on the plain paper check.  Once the proper information is displayed, press the ENTER key in the Check # field.  At this point the cursor moves to the "Void or Remove Check No." selection option.  Since the checks were not actually printed on the correct forms, the checks are still available to be used.  Therefore, the operator selects the "Remove" option and enters a "Y" in the Correct field.  At this point, the system reopens the invoices paid with the selected check, updates the Cash and Accounts Payable GL accounts, and removes the selected record from the Bank file so that the check may be reissued.  Repeat this step for each check that was printed on plain paper.

4.  Print an AP Check Register, selecting the same check numbers that were printed on plain paper.  If the mis-printed checks were all removed from the Bank file properly, the report will not show any of the mis-printed checks.  If any of the checks still show on the report, remove the checks and rerun the report.

5.  Once all of the "plain paper" checks have been removed from the system, re-run the open accounts payable report selecting the same pay date that was used for the mis-printed check run.  Check to make sure that all of the invoices paid with the misprinted checks are still on the report, and that no other invoices are included.

6.  Set the workstation to print to the correct check printer, load the checks into the printer and print the checks.


Checks are printed on appropriate printer, but some checks are not legible (forms go off line in middle of print job).