Comment Button Serial Master Comment

The Comment Button which can be accessed from the Cove Standard Toolbar, allows you to create, view or edit the comment for the selected Serial Master record.  When the Comment Button is pressed, the system checks for a comment for the selected record.

If no comment has been entered for the selected Serial Master record, the system displays a prompt, notifying you that no comment exists for the selected serial record.  You may then create a comment by pressing the OK button in the prompt, or press the Cancel button to return to the Serial Management program.

If a comment already exists for the selected Serial Master record, (or you choose to create one), the system displays the Comment Detail Panel and it loads the panel with the comment text for the selected record. 

Once the Comment Detail panel is displayed, you may view or modify the text in the comment record and save any changes using the Save key or the Save Button that is located on the Standard Toolbar.


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