Comments Button

The Comments Button is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar in the Cash Application program.  The Comments Button allows you to view and to edit the comment information that is associated with the current payment transaction being processed.

The type of comment which may be viewed or entered in the Cash Application program, depends on the information that is selected in the program when the Comment option is selected.

      AR Check Comment - If the Comment Button is pressed when the cursor is positioned in the upper section of the Cash Application program, the system will check to see if an AR Check Comment has been created for the current payment being processed.  If no comment exists, the system will prompt you to create one.   Once a comment exists for the selected AR Check record, the system will display the Comment Detail program so that the comment can be viewed or modified.  The AR Check comment is assigned a source of AC (AR Check) and a temp Ident number.  The Ident number is converted to the Transaction or ARTRAN number that is assigned to each check record as the transaction is saved.    Once an AR Check comment is created, it may be accessed and viewed from the AR Check Lookup program or from the AR Check Detail panel.

      Invoice Comment/AR Comment.  If the Comment Button is pressed when the cursor is positioned in the Distribution section of the Cash Application program, and a valid invoice is highlighted, the system activates the Comment Detail program and it loads the program with any OC or AR Comments for the selected invoice.  OC Comments are the Invoice comments that are created by sales and other personnel during order processing and order completion.  OC comments are normally printed on the customer invoice and they are used to convey information to the customer.  OC Comments can be added to Invoice headers or lines and they can normally be viewed from all programs which display AR Invoices.  AR Comments are collections notes that can be created and updated during AR Payment processing.  AR Comments are normally used to record why an invoice was not paid, or to record other issues with the invoice (ie a pending return, price error, sales tax error).  AR Comments are normally printed on the AR Aging, and they can also be accessed from the programs that display AR Invoice records.


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