Scan on Save Checkbox

The scan on save checkbox determines if the program should prompt you to scan the customer payment document as each payment transaction is saved in the Cash Application program. 

If the Scan on Save Checkbox is selected and a payment is saved, the system processes the payment transaction and it activates the Images Lookup program.

The Images Lookup program allows you to view and to edit the Images or other documents that are associated with each customer check record.

The Zoom option in the Images Lookup program can be used to view the existing image or other documents associated with the current payment.

The Insert option in the Images Lookup program can be used to add a new image or other document to the payment transaction that was just saved.

The Images Lookup program is fully documented in the Introduction section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the program by activating it and using the Help (F1) key to display the main application help for the program.


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