Comments Button

The Comments Button is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar in the Deposit Management program.  The Comments Button allows you add a comment or text note to the accounts receivable payment batch being deposited. 

When a valid deposit line is selected in the Deposit Management program and the Comment Button is pressed, the system checks to see if a comment already exists for the Deposit.  If so, the system activates the Comment Detail panel and it loads the panel with the existing comment for the record.  If no comment already exists for the deposit, the system will prompt you and offer to create a new Comment for the deposit.

Once you have viewed, edited or input the comment text for the deposit, and save it, the comment is assigned a source of DM (deposit management).  The Ident field for the new comment is set to the Temp number being used for the transaction.  The Ident in the comment is updated with the deposit number assigned to the deposit transaction when the deposit is saved.

The Comment Detail program is completely described in the Introduction section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the program by accessing it and using the Help (F1) key to display the main application help for the program.


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