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The Imaging Button is located on the Cove Standard Toolbar in the Deposit Management program.  When a valid deposit line is selected in the Deposit Management program and the Imaging Button is pressed, the system activates the Images Lookup program.

The Images Lookup program allows you to view the images and other document records that have been associated with the selected deposit transaction..  The Images Lookup also allows you add Images or other documents to the Deposit Transaction.   

Image records can be associated with “Master” records such as customers and inventory items, with documents such as accounts payable and accounts receivable invoices, or with transactions such as inventory receipts and accounts receivable deposit transactions. Multiple Images records are normally supported for each database record in the system.

The Image records for each deposit transaction are assigned a source of DM (deposit management) and an Ident equal to the Deposit number that is assigned to each deposit transaction as it is saved.  

The Images Lookup and the Image Detail Panel are described in the Introduction section of this documentation. You may access more information about each of the programs by accessing them and using the Help key (F1) to display the On-line Help documentation for the programs.


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