Communications Tab Page

The Communications Tab Page is used to display or update basic communications information for the contact.   This communications information includes the contact business phone and fax numbers, the contact mobile or cell phone number and the contact  home telephone number.  The communications tab page also contains a field for storing the email address for the contact, and a field to indicate the time zone that the contact is located in.   The phone number fields in the contact record are displayed using the field mask that has been defined for the country in which the contact is located.

The communications tab page also includes an Email button.  If a valid email address is entered for the contact,, the email button can be used to create and send an email to the contact from within the application.  The email can be sent directly out of the application to the contact or it can be transferred over to Microsoft Outlook and sent from that application at a later time (the outlook option allows you to use additional email features that are only available from within the Outlook program itself).

 A call pattern field is also displayed in the Communications tab page.   The call pattern field is used to identify the pattern or frequency used for calling the contact.


Address Tab Page