Complete Shop Order

The Complete Shop Order Button is used to complete the Selected Shop Order and move the finished goods and any by-products back into inventory.  You may only complete a shop order when it meets the following criteria.

The Shop Order Must be a Production Order.  Only Shop Orders with a type of P can be completed in the Shop Order Management Program.

The Complete option allows you to complete the selected shop order.  You may complete a shop order only if it is open and only when all components for the shop order have been pulled.  If you need to complete a partially allocated or partially pulled shop order, you should use the split option to split the existing shop order.  The split option allows you to split the existing shop order into two different shop orders, - one that is fully allocated or pulled and that can be completed, and one that can be left open and completed once the required components have been received, allocated and or pulled.


Shop Order Lines Lookup