Process Pull Ticket

The Process Pull Ticket option is used to identify the components and quantities that have been pulled from stock for the selected shop order.  When the Process Pull Ticket option is selected, the system checks the shop order to verify that it has been printed (the print flag in the shop order is set to Y when a pull ticket is printed for the order).  If the shop order has not been printed, or if the last pull ticket for the order has already been processed, the system displays an error message to let you know that the option is not valid.

If the shop order is printed, the system displays the Process Pull Ticket program and it loads the program with the components for the order.  The Quantities displayed in the Process Pull Ticket Program include the quantity from each shop order line (the amount required to build 1 top level unit), the extended quantity for the line (the total quantity of the component required to build the number of top level items specified in the shop order), the quantity currently allocated to the line, and the quantity already pulled for the line.

The Edit Qty column in the Process Pull Ticket program displays the quantities that the system showed as allocated to the shop order when the Pull Ticket was produced.  This column is used to record the actual quantity of the component which was pulled from inventory for the shop line.  If the actual quantity of the component differs from the quantity shown as allocated or printed on the pull ticket (due to an inventory shortage or an error in the quantities in the system), the actual quantity being moved to work in process should be specified in the column.

Once all of the pulled component quantities have been verified and/or modified as required, you may finish processing the Pull Ticket by pressing the Save Button or Key.


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