Completing a Loaner Order

Loaner Orders can be completed only when

      The items on the order are partially or fully allocated (the partial flag in the order is checked to determine if partial shipments can be processed).  If the item is being shipped directly by the vendor, a PO must be created for the items before the order can be invoiced to the customer.  If the order contains special order lines, the po lines for the special order lines must be received into the warehouse.

      The order is scheduled for shipment (the system uses a scheduling window for each item and a picklist window to determine how far in advance each item should be allocated to sales orders, and how far in advance picklists should be produced for the orders that are ready to be shipped out.

      All holds for the order have been cleared.  The system will not let you produce a picklist for a loaner order if there are any open holds for the order.

Loaner Orders are Completed by creating a special Invoice document called a Shipper,  for the items shipped to your customer.  The method in which the Shipper Invoice is created depends on the fulfillment method(s) being used for each order.

      Warehouse Shipments and Special Order lines are completed by using the Picklist Management program to produce a picklist for the items being shipped out.  The items are picked and packed, the order is completed using the Order Invoicing program, and the items are sent to the customer.  Note:  The Warehouse operators must select the L (Loaner) document type in the Picklist Management program in order to view and print the Open Loaner Order Lines that are ready for shipment.   

      Vendor Shipments (including Broker Item Shipments) are completed by selecting the Purchase Order(s) associated with the loaner order and using the Invoice Vendor Shipment Option (part of the PO Management System), to identify and create the invoice document for the customer for the items shipped by the vendor.


Clearing Loaners (Closing the Pending records for Loaner Shipments)