Loaner Processing Overview

Loaner Orders are used to ship out items at no charge.  Loaners can be used to send samples to customers or sales reps, and to ship items to trade shows.  Loaners are also used for sending goods back to vendors, and to transfer inventory quantities between facilities or physical locations.  When a loaner order is processed, the pricing on the order is used only as a reference and the customer on the order is not billed for the items.  The process of completing a loaner order creates an invoice document to track the shipment, but the invoice has a zero balance and a payment is never applied to it.  As loaner orders are completed, the system reduces inventory and it creates records in the Pending file for the items shipped out.  The Pending records are used to track the inventory that you still own, but that is no longer present in one of your inventory locations.  The Pending records for each loaner shipment can be closed out by invoicing the items to the customer, returning the items to inventory, or by writing off the items.  Pending records for items returned to vendors can also be used to create an ap invoice (credit) for the returned items.


Creating a Loaner Order

Editing a Loaner Order

Processing a Loaner Order

Completing a Loaner Order

Clearing Loaners (Closing the Pending records for Loaner Shipments)