Config Menu  Description: config16

The Config Button on the Standard Toolbar is active when you are in a list or browse based program and have the cursor positioned in the list or browse section of the program.  The options listed on the Config or Browse Config menu are used for formatting the information that is displayed by the program.  Most of the list or browse based or programs in the system allow you to customize the fields that are displayed by the program.   These programs use what are called par files to control the fields, the length of the fields and the labels that are displayed by the program.

If the program supports multiple different display and search sequences,  a different par or parameter file is used for each display sequence.   Normally, the primary field that the program is sorting on is displayed in the left column of any of the list based programs.

The options included on the Config Menu are described below.

      Remember Column Sizes This option causes the system to record the column widths that you are using in the program.  These settings are saved and then used the next time the program is selected from the menu.

      Restore Default Column Sizes This option resets the column widths for the current display sequence based on the default values set by Cove Systems.

      Insert Column Allows you to Insert or Add a field in the column just prior to the selected column.

      Append Column Allows you to add a column or field to be displayed immediately after the selected field.

      Remove Column Allows you to remove the selected column or field from the display.

      Change Column Title Allows you to change the title that is displayed for the currently selected column or field.

      Change Column Field Mask Allows you to change the precision (numeric fields), length (ascii), or format (ascii fields such as phone numbers) of the selected field.

      Browse Properties This option causes the system to output detailed information about the current program and browse settings to the Output Window.  This information includes the program name, the index and par file that are being used by the program and other information.  This browse property information can be useful when researching an error message or when determining if the program supports additional browse options (such as calculation options that can be used to perform multiplication or division based on the displayed values).