Contacts Tab Page

The Contacts Tab Page displays a list of the Contacts or Individuals that are associated with the selected vendor.  The Contact Lookup allows you to select the sequence in which the contacts are displayed and it also allows you to search for a contact using whatever display sequence you have selected.  The display sequence used by the lookup can be selected by left clicking on one of the column headers and then choosing one of the available sequences that are displayed in the mouse menu.  You may then select a contact by typing in the appropriate information based on the display sequence you are using, by clicking on the desired contact with the mouse or by using the arrow keys to highlight the desired record.

Once a contact has been selected, you may view or edit the detailed information for the contact by pressing the ZOOM key or by using the Zoom option available in the right mouse button menu. When the Zoom option is used, the system displays the Vcontact Detail Panel and it loads the dialog with the information for the selected vendor contact.


Site Data Tab Page