Context Sensitive Program Help

If you are pressing the F1 key from within a VDF application, context sensitive help is often available.   If a specific page or topic in the module help file has been identified as relevant based on the program that you call the help file from, the help system will automatically display this topic (this feature is referred to as context sensitive help).  If no specific help topic has been identified for the specific task you are performing, the help file for the module will be opened and no specific topic will be loaded.  Once the help file is opened, you may navigate through the help file or use the searching and indexing functions available in the help program regardless of how the help program is called.

Extended Error Help

This type of help provides more information about the error messages that are generated by the system in response to operator input or system error conditions.  When an error occurs a short help message is displayed.  The contents of the short help message can come from one or two places, depending on what type of error message it is, and how it was generated  The system first checks the FLEXERRS file for a record with the error number. If a record is present, the contents of the message field is displayed followed by any additional text available from the program or system area that generated the error. 

At the point that the error panel is displayed and the user can press the help key, or click on the Help Button, to get more information about the error message.  The additional information may contain references to the manual, work-arounds and correct entry instructions.

Normally when a system error is displayed, that is not due to operator input mistakes, the error number and line should be noted and forwarded to your system administrator so that the problem can be resolved.