Program Help

Program documentation for Cove applications is available on-line in Compiled HTML help format.  Normally one help file or help system is maintained for each Visual Data Flex (VDF) module.  A module is defined as an organized set of programs (or an application).  The program help documentation can be accessed automatically from within the VDF applications by pressing the F1 key.  This key will cause the appropriate help file for the VDF module to be opened.

Help files can also be accessed independently from the VDF modules.  This option is available to users running a windows operating system and who have the help files available to them on the local machine or network.  This option is usefull for operators who are running Console Mode only versions of the system, or are running console mode applications alongside the VDF applications. Again, to access the help files from outside a VDF application, the help files must be accessible on the network or local pc that the operator is running the application from.  To access a help file from a console mode application, the user must manually open the correct compiled help or CHM file and navigate through the help file manually.


Context Sensitive Program Help