Cove Text Manager

The Cove Text Manager program is used to view and to edit the records that are stored in the Covetext file (File 174).  The Covetext file is a file that is maintained by Cove Systems.  The Covetext file is used to deliver new and updated control information, such as browse parameter files and report templates, to new and existing StreamV sites.  The Covetext file is normally overwritten with the most current version of the file when a system update is performed.

The records in the Covetext file are used as the default records by the system for displaying column information in list based programs, and for displaying the report selection options in reports that use report templates.

If a user at a StreamV site decides to edit a browse parameter file or a report record, the system creates a new version of the record in the Textdata file and it leaves the original record in the Covetext file.  The records in the Textdata file can be set up as Group, Branch or User specific records, and if they are present, the Textdata record for the user group or branch is used instead of the default record in the Covetext file.

This logic allows the Covetext file to be used to deliver new and updated control records to a site in an efficient manner.

Note:  Once a Textdata control record has been created for a specific user, group, or branch, that record will be used instead of the Covetext version of the record, until the Textdata record is deleted.


Covetext Document Types