Covetext Document Types

This section describes the various types of records that are stored in the Covetext file.

BCI: Browse Control Information.  The Covetext file is used to deliver the default browse parameter file information that defines which columns and titles are displayed in the browse or list based programs in the system.  One or move Covetext records can be present in the file for each program (based on the number of display and sort sequences that are available in the program.

FTP: FTP Information.  The FTP record in the Covetext file is used to specify the download site that is used by the system when downloading the new help system and other information from the Cove download site.

GEN:  Gencode Label information.  The GHT records in the Covetext file are used to display label information in the Gencode Detail Panel.  The Gencode or Generic Code table is used to store validation tables and other information that is used by the system during data entry.  Some Gencode information is required by the system for processing (such as the Taxtype table) and other Gencode information is optional, and can be set up as needed.  Gencode tables allow you to specify validation options for fields in the database without having a dedicated validation table or parent file set up for the purpose.

GHT:  Gencode Help Text.  The GHT records are used to store text information that describe the Gencode or Generic Code Tables in the system.  The GHT records can be displayed in the Gencode Manager program, and they typically contain text information describing how the table is used by the system during processing, and any special information that is stored in the table.


LTF: Long Text Field.  The LTF records in the Cove Text file are used to store program specific help or prompt information.  This information can be translated into different languages by the system automatically.

PHT:  Parameter Help Text.  The PHT Covetext records are used to provide text information that describes the System Control parameters in the System Control file (File 248).  This parameter help information can be displayed in the programs that are used to create and maintain system control records.


VRM:  VDF Report Templates.  The VRM records in the Covetext file are used to store the selection options and other template information that is used by many of the reports in the StreamV system.


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