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The Create inventory records for all active catalog items option creates inventory or warehouse records for all of your active status Catalog records in a new or an existing warehouse location.  The program creates the Inventory items using the information in each Catalog record, plus control records that define

      The fields in each inventory record that should be synchronized or normalized with the Catalog record for the item.

      The default information that should be used to load fields in the new Inventory item that are required by the system but that are not maintained in the Catalog file (examples might include the reorder point and quantity or the PO lead days used by the purchasing system).

When the Create inventory records option is selected, the program activates the Warehouse Selection List.  The Warehouse Selection list displays all of the valid warehouse locations that have been set up on your system.  If the location that you wish to create items for is not shown on this list, you should first create the inventory location code (this is done in the Department Manager program).

Once you have selected a valid inventory location, the program prompts you to confirm that you wish to create the inventory records.  Once you have pressed the Yes Button, the program creates Inventory records for any Active Catalog items that do not already exist in the selected location.

The program also displays a notice when it has completed that indicates how many new Inventory records were created.

Please see the following topic for more information about Creating Inventory Items from Catalog records

Create Inventory records for all Active Catalog Items


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