Create One Button

The Create One option allows you to specify the serial numbers for the top level items one at a time.  When this option is used, the system prompts for the top level serial number (“Enter Serial Number”) and the system allows the serial number being input to include both numeric and ASCII characters.  As each serial number is input, the system creates the top level serial records with a status of B (being built) and it creates serial history records with type (SF) for each top level serial record.

The Create One Button is used to create a single top level serial number for the current shop order.  When the Create One Button is pressed, the system checks the top level item for the current shop order to determine if the item serial number for the item is assigned automatically, or if it is specified manually by the operator.

If the item is serialized, and the serial number is assigned automatically by the system (based on the serial number field in the inventory record


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