Serialized Inventory Operations Programs

This section describes the Serialized Inventory Operations Programs.  Some of the Serialized Inventory Operations Programs are accessed using the menu, and some of the programs are called automatically by other programs in the system when a transaction is being processed for a serialized inventory item.  The Serialized Inventory Operations programs are used to.

      Create Serial Master Records for serialized items as they are received into stock, or built using the Shop Floor System.

      Update the status of existing Serial Master Records as serialized items are sold to customers, returned from customers, or consumed by the shop floor system.

      Write Serial History Records to record the transactions that are processed for each serialized item in the system.

      Manually create or edit Serial Master Records as required to correct input (data entry) errors.

      Adjust the on hand quantity of a serialized item when the item needs to be removed from or added to the system.

The Serialized Inventory Operations programs are described in detail in the following sections.


Serial Management

Serial Number List

Shop Order Serial Number List

Shop Order Serial Number Linker

Shop Line Serial Number Linker

Serial Number Selection List

Serial Invoice Item Lookup

RA Line Serial Number Lookup