Create PO Button

The Create PO Button is used to create a purchase order for the requisition or requisitions that are selected when the Button is pressed.

When you have selected one or more requisitions and you press the Create PO Button, the system verifies that the selected PO requisitions are valid.  The system checks that the requisitions are all for the same vendor and currency and that the selected requisitions are of the same type (the system does not allow you to include both vendor ship and warehouse or special order lines on the same PO). 

The system also checks to make sure that any sales order number and line pointed to by any requisitions being processed is valid (that it exists in the Sales Order Line Item file)  and that all lines for the PO point to the same sales order number (if applicable).

Once the system has checked the requisitions being processed, it will either display an error message (if necessary) or it will create a Po for the requisitions being processed and display the PO Number assigned to the new PO.

Once the PO has been created, you may edit the PO (if necessary) using the PO Entry program or the Edit PO Option that is available from the Purchase Order Management Program.


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