Purchasing Operations Programs

The Purchase Order Operations programs are used to create, edit and process PO Requisitions and Purchase Orders. 

The PO Operations programs also allow you to.

      Create and Maintain the Vendor and other primary information used by the Purchasing System

      Create Purchase Orders

      Automatically Create PO Requisitions for orders that will be filled out of your warehouse locations using the PO Recommendations report.

      Process PO Requisitions for special order, and vendor shipment sales orders. PO Requisitoins for Vendor Shipment and Special Order sales order lines are created or updated automatically by the system during the Sales Order Entry process.

      Convert PO Requisitions to Purchase Orders.

      Edit existing purchase orders.

Please note: Programs from various systems in the StreamV Application may be included on the same menu and some of the programs that you can access from the Purchasing programs or menus may belong to other systems.

For example the Vendor Purchase Order Lookup and the Vendor Manager are actually part of the Vendor Management (VM) system and they are completely described in the documentation for the VM system. Regardless of where (which menu, or program) a program is called from, the Help option (the F1 Key), will display the primary help documentation for the program when the help option is used in the program.


PO Entry

Requisition Management

Purchase Order Management

PO Line Edit Detail

Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment

Special Costs Manager

QVL Management

Qualified Vendor Detail Panel